Health benefits of guava

Guava fruits are highly available nice to be eaten and it can also be eaten as juice. The Guava Fruit could be spherical, or even pear-shaped. The skin is thin and green, generally maturing to yellow. A ripe guava is  very soft when touch. Guavas emit a strong, sweet, pungent fragrance. Its very sweet musky aroma and creamy texture flesh. Internally, its flesh varies in color depending upon the cultivation and may be white, pink, yellow, or red. These fruits are mostly popular in Asian region. But due to its high health benefits is now available in all parts of the world. These fruits have got lots of health benefits as well as medicinal value. Its scientific name is Psidium Guava and belongs to family of Myrtacea.  Usually guava is considered as a super fruit because of its largest health-promoting qualities. Let's discuss some of its important health benefits.

Health benefits of guava : 

1. Regulate blood pressure: 

Guava is a very good fruit for regulating blood pressure. Potassium and anti –oxidant present in guava helps in regulating the blood pressure level. It has a lot more potassium as compared to various other fresh fruits. It helps reduce cholesterol in the blood, thereby maintaining fluidity of blood and reducing blood pressure. It also contains high fiber which also helps in lowering the blood pressure. It also hypoglycemic naturally, helps in reducing blood pressure level. So make a habit of eating guava daily.

2. Helps in the treatment of constipation: 

The guava seeds are very useful for the treatment of constipation. It is said that unusual bowel problems can result in 72 kinds of health conditions. Since guava contains lots of dietary fibre which is very good for bowel movements. It also eliminates excess of acid from the stomach. Therefore, it acts as a laxative help the body restore itself back to a regular ability to excrete waste. Thus, it helps to eliminate toxins out of our body . This, in turn, helps you burn more fat. So make a habit of eating guava daily.

3. Immunity booster : 

Guava is very useful fruit to strengthen the body’s defense mechanism. It's rich in vitamin C which helps in making stronger the immune system and protect you against various infections. A single guava contains daily requirement of vitamin C. It can restore the loss of this vitamin completely in our body It also found helpful in stress-related impairment of the immune system. It also helps in healing wound quickly. So now you can understand how useful guava for our better health.

 4.Good for  cancer :

Guava fruit is very good for preventing the growth of cancer cells. Lycopene, quercetin and other poly phenol present in guava helps in preventing prostate cancer. Guava seeds also very good for preventing breast cancer. Guava is a very good antioxidant rich source of vitamin C which also helps prevent of oral cancer and skin cancer The antioxidants also prevent the formation of cancerous tumors. The other nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin C, fiber, flavonoids, beta-carotene, lute in and Cryptoxanthin along with antioxidants also help to fight free radical cells which credit to cause cancer. Vitamin C present in guava helps combat against free-radicals, which usually damage the cells. So consuming guava consuming guavas might help lower your chance of developing cancer as well as cardiovascular disease.

 5. Helps in weight  loss : 

Those who wants to lose weight, then guava is a very useful fruit. Guava, has enough of vitamins, proteins and minerals but with almost no cholesterol and low carbohydrates. Guava leaves are also regarded as a weight loss diet. If you have a medium-sized guava within the lunch and you’ll not feel hunger till night time.

6. Helps in diabetes : 

It’s very useful for diabetic patients. Guava leaves lower the blood sugar level due to the rich fiber content and low glycemic index, guavas prevent the development of diabetes. Guava contains a good amount of dietary fiber that help to reduce the chances of Type II diabetes significantly. Eating fiber rich food also reduces sugar spikes in a diabetes patient.

7. Better skin :

Guava is a very good skin toner. High fiber present in guava helps in acne also prevent skin problems. It will help tone up as well as tighten up the loose skin. Guavas are rich in vitamin A, vitamin C and antioxidants like carotene and lycopene which help protect the skin from wrinkles.So eating guava a daily you can delay old days. It also protects you from UV rays and environmental pollution. The higher concentration of minerals and nutrients, presence in guava makes the skin toned, fresh and wrinkle free. Guavas also help to recover the lost elasticity of the skin.  Guava keep your skin free from blemishes, acne, wrinkles and pimples because guava has astringent property.

8. For healthy brain : 

Guava contains high level of vitamin B3 and B6, which helps in promoting brain health. It can increase blood flow and stimulates cognitive function. Thus, eating guava can help you increase brain function and sharpen your focus and relaxing the nerves. Vitamin A helps keep your eyes in good condition, and also helps improve your vision. Night blindness is one of the diseases associated with a Vitamin A deficiency.

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