Key to happiness

   Every individual human being in today’s world wants to be happy, but due to the busy, hectic life schedule, running after success, fame, money, glamor and respect finally all lost their health and wealth. Some feel that they would be happy if they could afford a house of their own. Now the question is how to remain happy, for somebody earning lots of money is happiness, somebody bought the costliest car is happiness, for someone is getting newly married is happiness. However, happiness is just your state of mind. You can find innumerable things in life that can make you happy. Others feel that they could travel all  around the world  finally find happiness.
      Have you ever imagined how most newly born kids are happy almost all the time? Physical pain sometimes can make them cry for a little moment, but such aspects are transient and last for only a few minutes. The reason why infants, kids are always in a state of natural happiness is because they are in constant awe of nature and the world around them. Do you even remember when the last time you were so happy? May be a long time back or maybe you almost forgot. Happiness is just within yourself, you can choose to be sad when everything is going well for you and you can choose to be happy even when nothing seems right. To stay happy at all times, you need to make happiness a habit and not just an act. Most people have no control over their emotional well-being. They feel insecure when good stuff happens and depressed when things go wrong. Their lives are roller coaster rides: sometimes up, sometimes way down.
    Now, what is happiness? Being emotional, physically strong, positive and living life with full of joy is happiness. We often think that happiness is having fun at a party, disco, new job experiences, passion of sex, or the delights of a fine meal or having dinner with your girlfriend These experiences are the definition of pleasure. They are experiences to have and let pass. A meal to savor, then digest. A party to enjoy then let the wind-down. Happiness is when life fulfills your desires and needs
     In other words, happiness comes when you feel satisfied and fulfilled. Happiness is a feeling of contentment, that life is just as it should be. Perfect happiness, enlightenment, comes when you have all of your needs satisfied.

How  to  be  happy :

1.Always be positive :

Always be positive, never let negativity attracts you, bring positivity into your life, learn and know the sources of happiness. Stay away from the people who have negative influences in your life. Never get sued for failure. If  . If you have hundreds of reasons to be depressed, give yourself thousands of other reasons to feel good. Make phone calls to people you love or visit them or to  an old school  friend laugh  with  him , make jokes  and  fun . Leaving yourself all alone is the worst thing to do as your negative thoughts are the greatest killers of your happiness. Ensure  that you are  surrounded  by  happy  people  .Never fear  of  criticism  in spite  take it as a positive energy . Positive thinking raises energy levels, creativity, and productivity by as much as 30%. Whenever you are feeling lonely or low , always remember that it’s temporary and that tomorrow will be better, tough times don’t last but tough people do. Develop a positive attitude, be optimistic. Keep smiling  all  the  time .

2. Believe in acceptance :

Acceptance is the magic word for happiness. When you learn to accept what you have, you will never be happy. You will never feel jealousy for anybody. A jealous mind cannot be happy. Greed is what make you unhappy. It is important that you accept yourself as what you are. Don’t get too critical about yourself – your physique, looks, your brains, your capabilities or your financial condition. Just learn how to love yourself as you are. You will realize that once you are comfortable with what you are, you will always be happy. Accept  what  you  have  ,never  try to  grab  beyond your ability. Believe  that everything  is  temporary and  nothing  is  permanent in  this wicked world .

3. Wake up early in the morning :

Early morning is the best time to boost up your mind, we all know morning shows the day, if you're upset, sad or unhappy your entire day will get spoiled so always try to be happy in the morning. The bright sunlight, chirping of birds and morning breeze make you happy. Be a morning riser. This will make you happy and healthy. Also  make  sure  that  you  have  enough  sleep .

4. Mediation:    

Stress, anxiety, depression makes you unhappy. When you start doing meditation you will overcome all these problems. Spare half an hour for yourself, don’t give it to anybody at any cost, forget about everything else in the world close your eyes for 15-20 minutes and meditate before you go to bed. This will help you sleep better. A sound sleep makes you healthy and happy. A sound sleep makes you healthy and happy. So never  do  things  which  disturb your sleep . When you do not get enough sleep, your negativity takes over big time. This  is  the  only  reason why people are always in a bad mood when they do not get enough sleep. Your breath is the only tool  by which you can live in your present moment. Whenever you feel tired, stressed, depressed  take deep breaths, and focus on your breathing.

5. Do good for others :

 Never ever hurt  others , always  try  to  forgive  others . Believe it or not! This works. Give the happiness to others and it will come back to you as well. Donating and making others smile is a great way to feel good. Smile and it will radiate a positive energy around you. Buying the big house,expensive cars can give you little happiness  and these are not permanent . That is short lived, if you have others and donate others you will get immense happiness which is priceless.Spend more  time  with  kids  and  young  children's. .

6. Eat healthily : 

Always maintain a healthy diet, drink lots of water to take toxins out of your body. If you can manage to maintain a diet of whole foods, as opposed to refined foods such as sugar and bread, then you'll really be ahead of the game. Avoid junk food, oily food, also limit your alcohol intake. Because  it  can  make  you  more depressed.                  

7. Exercise:

Studies  shows that  regular  exercise can keep  you  happy  all  the  time,  it  can  also  reduce  the symptoms  of  Anxiety , Depression  etc . Physical activities  like running, indoor cycling, yoga, dancing—as long as you break a sweat. Even a  half an hour walk will help.

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