Mango the king of fruits


    Mango is a sweet and easily available fruits all over the world. This fruit is known as the "king of fruits " and it's seen almost every house in your locality.Its outer fleshy part surrounds by a pit with a seed inside. There are different types of mangoes available in the world, different color, shape, size, and seed.It belongs to the genus Mangifera and family Anacardiaceae. It's full of nutrients, flavor, sweetness. The fruit is enriched in, antioxidants, omega-3 and 6, phytochemicals, polyphenols, vitamins, carotenoids etc.  Mango  is  very popular due to its multiple uses in the form of, Mango jelly, Chutneys, Pickles, Mango juice, Mango shakes, Smoothies, Ice cream. It's over the 4000-year-old fruit so we can understand since when human have been eating mangoes.The mango originated in southern Asia and eastern India. Mangoes were first introduced to Africa and Brazil by Portuguese explorers.In India it's not only used as a fruit juice and different usage it's also used in a ritual program like in a temple, marriage, birthdays etc.. And it's also known as most widely consumed fruit in the world.


Good for  heart  : 

Mango fruit is very good for the heart.Mangoes have high amounts of pectin, which is a fiber that contributes to lower cholesterol levels in the blood. Pectin can also help prevent developing prostate cancer. The high levels of fiber, pectin, and vitamin C to help reduce cholesterol levels, specifically Low-Density Lipoprotein. Mango also rich in Potassium ,which makes our heart, nerves and muscles  work properly. Mangoes strengthen the immune system because vitamin C stimulates White Blood Corpuscles (WBC)  to work more efficiently thereby destroy the bacteria and germs.

Prevent  cancer :  

It's a very good fruit for preventing deadliest cancer disease. .Polyphenol, Quercetin, Isoquercitrin, Astragalin, compounds present in mango Gallic acid and methyl gallate, all are useful in reducing the risk for different types of cancer. Mango has lots of antioxidant properties  which can prevent various cancer like breast cancer, prostate cancer, and colon cancer etc.


Help in digestion : 

Mango  helps  in  digestion because it  has  got  full  of digestive enzymes like mangiferin, catechol oxidase, and lactase and helps to overcome the problems   related to digestion. It has enough fiber  that eases acidity and constipation. It acts like a cleanser for stomach and intestines.  It also strengthens the liver. It  helps  in  elimination  of  excessive  acid  from  the  stomach . Mangoes, because of their fiber and water content, help to prevent constipation and promote regularity and a healthy digestive tract.

Glow your skin :

Mangoes are very good  for sensitive skin, thus saving you the distress of having to face disastrous results. Mangoes also help to lighten skin color. You can easily maintain your beauty by including this tasty fruit in your  diet on a regular basis. Mangoes are very useful fruit for the  treatment of acne. Once these pores are opened, acne formation will eventually stop. Collagen present in mangoes helps to protect blood vessels and the body’s connective tissues, thereby slowing down the skin’s natural aging process , that’s why  mango  is  also  known  as  anti-aging fruit .

Boost up  the immune system:

25 varieties of carotenoids  present in mangoes and   high amount of Vitamin C that helps maintain a healthy immunity system. Which help to protect  our  body  from  various infection and strengthen the defense system.

Help in diabetes :

Good, news  for  diabetes patients . Research shows that mango helps in controlling diabetes.  Its leaf liquor is good for diabetic patients. Mangoes having a low glycemic index, that maintains the blood sugar level. It balances the fat levels. So eat mangoes on a regular basis.

Regulate the blood pressure : 

Mango also helps in regulating blood pressure. . Potassium present in mangoes regulates the blood pressure and fluid mechanism in the body.  Mangoes also contain selenium, calcium, iron , and phosphorus. Mangoes  are rich in vitamins like  riboflavin , vitamin B6, A, C, E, K, niacin, folate, thiamin  and  panthothenic acid.

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