Why we should eat brinjal or eggplant

Brinjal  or  eggplant  is  one  of  the  most  common  vegetable  all  around  the  world but botanically speaking  eggplant is a fruit.  It  is  also   known to be king of vegetables .  In  North  America  and  Australia  its  popularly  known  as  eggplant .In British  English uses  as "aubergine", and in in South Asia, Southeast Asia and South Africa it is popularly known  as  brinjal. It  is  generally in egg  like shape ,vibrant purple in color and also white and green depending upon the cultivar type . Each fruit has glossy beauty , smooth, glossy skin. Inside it consist of-white color pulp with plenty of centrally arranged small seeds. This vegetable  is highly available in markets throughout the year, but from August through October is the perfect season for brinjal . It  belongs to  Solanaceae  family and named  as Solanum  melongena. It   is  grown in  many tropical and semitropical regions. After cooked into a proper recipe its  taste  is  good . Brinjal, known as baingan in Hindi . It is not only a flavorful and delicious addition to many meals, but also a massively healthy vegetable that can help you live a healthier and happier life.
-Here is why you should add this vegetable to your list of groceries the next time you shop for vegetables.

Health  benefits of brinjal :

1.    It  makes  your  digestive  system  stronger :

A 100 grams of brinjal contains the listed  nutritional value

•    Cholesterol – 16mg
•    Calcium – 525 mg
•    Sodium – 62mg
•    Potassium – 618mg
•    Sugars – 11.4g
•    Iron – 6mgTotal Carbohydrates – 17.8g
•    Protein – 8g
•    Saturated Fat – 5.2g
•    Dietary Fiber – 4.9g
•    Total Fat – 27.5g
•    Vitamin A – 6.4 mg

Eggplant   or  brinjal  has plenty of  fibres and  the presence of these fibres make eggplant very helpful  for our stomach and helps in keeping our digestive system stronger and  healthy. As  we  all  know  dietary fiber helps  in regulating the bowel movement and ensures proper elimination of waste out of the body and thus helps  in  the  treatment of constipation. If you  have any  stomach upset or digestive problem try having some Brinjal and tomato soup. It can make you feel much better
and also  Brinjal with raw sugar on an empty stomach helps in treating enlarged spleen. It helps  to decrease appetite, keeping you feel fuller for longer and thereby lowering your overall calorie intake . It’s  a low-calorie vegetable which really  helps  in  weight  management . 100 g of brinjal or eggplant may have  just 24 calories but provides about 9% of-of fiber.

2.    Prevent  cancer :

Anti oxidant , lots  of fiber  and  vitamin c  present  in  brinjal or eggplant  helps  in  preventing  various cancers . These  antioxidants fight against  the free radicals of our body and prevent them from damaging  to our body cells. Fibre  present in eggplant  helps clear the toxins present in your digestive tract and hence  useful in the prevention of colon cancer. Also Polyphenols present  in eggplant acts as an  anti-cancer effects. Brinjal skin is also rich in Nasunin, which  is  a  strong anti-oxidant  which  protect  our  cell membrane from damage. Vitamin C  strengthen your immune system  thereby  fight against  various  infection .

3.    Make your bone stronger

Eggplant  or  brinjal  is  very  good  for bone  health . The phenolic compound present in eggplant strengthens our bones, increases bone density and  which  helps  in  reducing the risk of osteoporosis. Eggplant  or  brinjal  also rich in iron, calcium and magnesium and these nutrients makes your bones stronger. So add  brinjal to your daily diet .

4.    Makes your heart healthy :

Brinjal or  eggplant  is  a  very  good vegetable for  the heart .If you take this  vegetable  daily you  can  keep  your  cardiovascular system healthy .It has cholesterol  almost  nil so  you can eat  this  vegetable  as  much  as you  can . Fiber present in eggplant absorbs cholesterol from our body which   helps in reducing LDL cholesterol from our body and reduces the risk of cardiovascular problems like heart attack, heart stroke  etc , it also stimulates good cholesterol for  our  body . Flavonoids  and potassium  present  in  brinjal or eggplant reduce blood pressure which results in reduces the high blood  pressure, therefore, your heart remains stronger . The presence of antioxidants keeps your arteries healthy and prevents from a deadliest heart attack.

5.    Help in diabetes :

This vegetable  is  very  good  for diabetic  patients , because  carbohydrate contains  is  very  low  in  brinjal or eggplant so  it  doesn’t elevate the blood  sugar  level controlling the absorption of glucose from food.Also high fiber  present in brinjal  control  blood  sugar  level in  the  body . It is anti-diabetic in nature. So all  the  diabetic  patient  should consume brinjal daily .

6.    It boosts your immune system :

This   vegetable  helps  in  making  our  immune  system  stronger . Which  act  as  body’s       defense mechanism .    Antioxidants like Vitamin C, Vitamin E present  in  brinjal or egg plant helps in  making  our  immune  system stronger. Our  immune system plays an important role in  keeping  our  infection  free  from  various bacteria and virus for entering into the body .

7.    Improve nerve function:

The iron present in eggplant improves the flow of oxygenated blood to our nerve cells ,which helps  in  improving our  nervous system . Phytonutrients  present in brinjal or eggplant  can protect your cell membranes  which  is  very  good  for  brain function , it  also  helps  in  your  memory function .These  phytonutrients  also increase blood flow to the brain.


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