How Cycling Makes You healthier

The cycle is  one of  the most common  and popular  bike  all over the world . In order to keep  your  health  fit , fine  and  strong  you  need  to  be  physically  active . Regular physical activity can  protect us from serious diseases such as, diabetes obesity, heart disease, cancer, mental illness and arthritis etc . Riding your bicycle regularly is  the best ways to reduce your risk of health problems associated with a today’s  lifestyle.  Cycling is a cheap  ,easily available, easy to effort , healthy, that can be used  by people of all ages, from young children to older adults. It is also good for the environment. Because its free from   pollution and noise and  also  it  doesn’t need any  fuel  to run . This  is  available in the  market  and  very  famous among kids . By riding bicycles you  are protecting your  natural environment  by  not polluting  it . Now a day’s   fuel  price  is  getting  higher and higher  in  this  case  cycles plays an important  part to save your  money . Riding  cycle is  adventure and fun  you go out  for a picnic  and  close  to   nature  with  your  friends   where  any other  vehicles  cannot  reach , most importantly  you  can carry  your  bicycles  where ever necessary . The concept   first  cycling was invented  by Baron Karl von Drais   In the year 1817  . He actually invented the walking machine that helped him to walk in the royal gardens faster. This device had wheels, but didn’t have any gears, chains, and peddles. Also, it moved ahead by pushing his feet against the ground. Depending on your weight cycling will help you lose weight by burning off between 75-670 calories in a half-hour .


1.Strengthen  and  tone muscles :

 Cycling  strengthens our  muscles  , it requires  continuous pedaling  thereby  it works  overall physical workout and involves the movement of almost every part of the body. The  most targeted  and functioning   muscles   are  quadriceps and your hamstrings  during  cycling . The calf muscle is the next beneficiary  muscle  gets helped  in cycling .

Leg muscles used while cycling:

Quadriceps muscles (front of thighs)
Hamstrings (rear of thigh)
Gluteus Maximus (your butt!)
Plantarflexion of the foot
Dorsiflexors of the foot
Calf muscles
Hip flexors

Upper body muscles used while cycling 

Abdominal muscles (internal and external)
Arm muscles
Chest and shoulders
Muscles of the back

2. Looks younger : 

Regular cycling keeps us look younger and energetic .It's easy to ride and can take you wherever you wish to go. Cycling increases the body’s bearing power and gives a boost to the endurance capacity of a person. Energy levels get higher, resulting in enthusiasm at work and generally higher energy for all normal activities. It helps you to live in present . Cycling increases your aerobic fitness . Regular cycling can protect the skin by increased blood flow and provide more oxygen to the skin tissues and muscles. This result helps in flushing out harmful toxins, making you look younger .

3.Lose weight :

Is cycling  a good way to lose weight?  And  the  answer  is  yes . Cycling increases calorie consumption and improve  the metabolic rate, which  help in lose weight. Its  an  excellent  exercise  for  burning  calories . A person cycling with a speed of 10 mph burns260 calories in an hour. If you’re planning   to lose weight, cycling must be coupled  with a healthy eating plan. Some of  the  basic  rules  to  be  followed  that help  you lose weight

1.    Eat  your  breakfast  before  you ride .
2.    Never take  any  dietary supplement .
3.    Eat more and  more vegetables and  drink  lots  of  water .
4.    While  riding  keep eating which  will  help  you  in  overeating .
5.    Reduce  your  eating  quantity .
6.    Make cycling as  your  daily routine .

4. Good  for heart :

Cycling is  very  good exercise for cardiovascular health . Because  cycling  makes your heart beat faster  which  makes your heart stronger .It also LOWERS resting heart rate , which  has  been  major  causes for heart illness . Cycling helps in  HDL (good)/ LDL (bad) cholesterol ratio . Cycling also reduces the risk of stroke and coronary heart disease. Cycling daily  can reduces your risk of heart disease to less than half that of those whonever exercise .Cycling makes your heart muscles stronger, lowers resting pulse and also reduces blood fat levels.

5 . Helps in Diabetes:

Cycling is  very  good  exercise for diabetic patients . Because  diabetes  needs lots  of  physical  activities in  order  to  keep  it  maintained  thus  cycling  helps .Diabetes  is  a  major  health  issue  all  over  the  world . So  start cycling from  today . Resarch shows that cycling for more than 30 minutes per day have a 40 per cent lower risk of developing diabetes.

6 . Reduces  Anxiety and Depression :

Mental  illness  is  becoming  very  common  in  all  the  developed  and developing  countries  in  the  world . Mental health conditions such as depression, stress and anxiety can be reduced by regular bike riding and  exercise . Cycling is a easiest  way to deal with depression and other negative thoughts and energy. It can connects you  with  nature  and  friends . Its  an natural antidepressant .

Some  other benefits of cycling .

1.    Bicycles are a great medium  to see the world.

2.    Bicycling gives you more fresh air than anything .

3.    Cycling  reduces road traffic accidents  and saves animals.

4.    Cycling   reduces noise pollution  also reduces energy  consumption .

5.    Its  easier  and cheaper  parking .

6.    Cycling  improves  your  self esteem .

7.     Cycling  lowers the risk of cancer .

8.    Cycling has been shown to help with pain management.

9.    Cycling  improved posture and coordination .

10.    Cycling  makes you  live  longer .

11.    In women, cycling can delay the onset of menopause. 

12.    Cycling is an activity the whole family can do together  .

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