How to Protect your eyes from harmful monitors ?

How often your elders shout at you, not to sit in front of computer for long ‘you will hurt your eyes’ . An average American spend 8 to 10 hours  in front of cell phone, tablet, computer or television screens. The longer you look at a computer screen, the more eye strain you tend to have. ,Many people use  their computer  hours an hour for  their project work , official project, kids  use  it  for  their video  games .That’s  why  now  a  day’s  its  generally  seen  kids  use glasses  at  their young  ages .

   Computer screens produce glare, it's highly not recommended , your eyes to focus on digital pixels because they are not as defined as print ink, and our eyes are not  meant to stare at close objects for very long period of time. In fact, our eyes are at rest staring at things 20 feet away; computers are usually around 20 inches from our face. This causes the ciliary muscle in our eye to work extra hard to focus.

 Now a days almost  every  video games requires a very  long time to accomplish any particular game, this lead  forcing the player to stay focused and attentive on the screen during their playtime. This results in same issues caused by long-term television watching, including headaches, blurred vision, and even nearsightedness if frequent breaks aren’t taken to relax your eyes.
Even in  the  case  of  smart phones it  keeps  us  busy all  the  time,  would  u  believe according to a  survey of 2,000 people suggests under 25s people check their phones thirty-two times a day. Though every device gives us the choice to adjust the brightness and put less strain on eyes but not everyone do that.

    Watching those screens for long may not permanently damage your eyes, but, it can put stress on the eyes and leave them feeling strained and fatigued. People who spend two or more continuous hours in front of the screen are at a high risk of developing a temporary condition called digital eye strain. Some of the common symptoms are , headaches, blurred vision, eyestrain,dry eyes and pain all  around the neck and shoulder region which usually go away after you stop using the device. This is called computer vision syndrome These symptoms generally  last a few hours,, they usually hamper productivity .  However. We can reduce these burning, aching, dried out sensations one ergonomic workstation at a time…

Tears  plays an important  role to keep our eyes healthy, clean and lubricated.  So generally people who can not produce enough tears suffer from  dry eye.

Some basic rules to be followed  for protecting your eyes :

1. Always make sure that the computer screen is at least 20 inches away from your naked eyes.

2. For those who work in offices with windows, make sure the window is located to the left or right of the worker (not behind or in front of the monitor).

3. Apply 20/20/20 method After 20 minutes of computer use, look at something else  which is 20 feet away for at least 20 seconds, this work like magic .

4. Adjust screen intensity to sharpen images, sharpen your screen image as much as you can .

5.  Use a monitor with adjustable contrast and brightness

6   Close your  eyes in between   for 1 minute .

7. Keep your screen at a viewing angle of 15 to 35 degrees below your horizontal eye level.

8. Adjust lighting in the workspace/room to reduce glare.

9.  Keep blinking , Blinking often keeps your eyes moist and reduces dryness and irritation.

10  Regularly wipe  your smartphone screen with a dry   cloth to remove fromdust, grime and fingerprints.

11 . When using a phone keep the screen as far away from your eyes as comfortably possible .

12. Get an eye exam. Even minor problems with your eyesight can increase your risk for digital eye strain.

13. Drink plenty of water .

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