Health benefits of Periwinkle plant

 I  believe  you  all  might  have  seen  the  beautiful Periwinkle flower growing   in  almost  every  house . This  plant  has  been  used  as a miracle herb  for  the treatment of leukemia . It usually  prevents  the  growth  of  cancer cells in our body . Its scientific  name is   - Catharanthus Roseus and  its  general  name Rosy periwinkle and  Vinca Rosea . It belongs  to  Apocynaceae ( Dogbane family) .In Hindi, it's  popularly  known  as Sada bahar  and  in  Assamese  its  known  as  Nayantara .Though  it  looks  like  a  flowering  plant  but  it  has  got plenty  of  medicinal  values . Generally, a flower  of  this  plant  looks  like white, pinkish and  sometimes  deep  violet  , though  white  one  is  used  mostly  as  medicines . Madagascar periwinkle found  all  over  the world and it is very popular here in India. In  India, it's  found  in  almost  every  nurseries . Madagascar Periwinkle  was  originated  from  Madagascar so it's  known  as  Madagascar Periwinkle.  This  plant  is also highly  found  in  India  and Srilanka . In India, it's   very  much  available  in  Andhra Pradesh , Gujrat,  Karnataka , Orissa,  West Bengal , and Tamil Nadu . It's  also  found  in  Africa and America .These  plant  has  got  the variety  of  health  benefits , In India  , this  has  been  using  since thousand  years . Usually, this  plant  grows  up to two and a half feet
tall , Leaves  are oval and oblong  in shape .According to Ayurveda  this root  and  shoots  are  poisonous even though  this  plant  has  high  medicinal value . Let us  discuss  some  of  the  health  benefits  of Rosy Periwinkle and Madagascar Periwinkle or Old maid.

Health benefits of Periwinkle

 1.    This  plant has proven  to  be  the  most  useful  for  the  prevention  of  cancer  and  most  importantly  leukemia  in  child. Vincristine and vinblastine two most powerful  alkaloid  present  in this  plant help in  the  treatment  of  Hodgkin's lymphoma in a child   ,testicular cancer , and  leukemia . After the  successful  administration , many  patients were  fully  recovered  from  this  deadliest  disease .It  is  also  widely  used for the  treatment of lung cancer .
2.    Periwinkle  has  proven to  be  the  most  effective  medicine  for  the  treatment  of  Diabetes . It can reduce blood sugar level significantly. Those  who  want  to stay  away  from  diabetes can  take  this remedy without  any side effects . It's  an  effective  antibiotic .
3.    Periwinkle  can  also  be  used for the treatment  of wound  and  it  also  promotes wound healing very rapidly. External use  of  this remedy  on  affected  wound can prevent  any kind of infection .It  can  also  be  used in the treatment of skin disorders like eczema, dermatitis, acne etc. In a case  of  nose and  gum  bleeding and mouth ulcer  this  plant can be highly effective.
4.    It can  also  reduce  blood pressure  at some extend .
5.    The  flower petal and  seed  has  antioxidant property .
6.    The extract  of  the  plant  has  a significant result for  the  treatment  of eye irritation  and  eye infection.
7.    After any  insects bite, this  plant is  used as a very  helpful remedy .
8.    Studies  suggest  that  its  extract can  also  be  used  in depression .
9.   It's also considered as a natural diuretic.

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